Saturday, 18 April 2015

David Guetta - What I Did For Love ft Emeli Sandé (MUSIC FOR THE SOUL)

The past weeks have been very tough going through school assignments and all. Frankly, I’ve been feeling like a Zombie. The other day I came across a song on the Trace music channel. You know that moment when you are flipping through channels and you only manage to hear the end of a song. Well that was one of those moments. Immediately I memorised the title of the song and artists to download it.
After the last 99% of the song had downloaded it was like music to my soul. This song was the very mirror of what my spirit went through last year. I would advise anyone who has gone through great lengths to do things they wouldn’t usually do just to make that one person you love happy. Yup, I am sure we have all been there.
Anyways, not to make your heart all mushy right now, but the lyrics of this song are so beautiful. I mean, as much as heartbreaks can be painful, I’ve come to realize that they can be so liberating and free because you are going through the process of letting go of that one thing that used to define your happiness and now you don’t need it anymore.
Emeli Sande is one of my favourite artists, and it is no surprise that she is the vocalist on this David Guetta mixed track. The chorus of this song says
It hurts, but I remember every scar
And I've learned
But living is the hardest part
I can't believe what I did for love
I can't believe what I did for us
Passionately burning to flames
Stitch myself up, then I do it again
I can't believe what I did for love”

Aint it funny how Love can just sometimes hurt you to the point you have no heart Hurt, yet you go back enduring all the pain, hoping for something to change? It’s sad but its life. And honestly if God didn’t truly love us he would have let go of us the countless times we have hurt him. But no. he comes back and loves us even more.

Anyways I hope that when you look back on people you once ‘loved’ or said ‘I love you’ to and they didn’t love you the same way back, it won’t hurt. Rather feelings of joy should feel your heart because you were able to let go of that and your heart is mending, if not it already has. Anyways I recommend this song to all and everyone who has ever loved stitched themselves up and loved again! Be strong, Music is for your soul.

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